Our First Aid Workshops

First aid training could be most important course you’ve ever taken. In the event of an emergency, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to deliver potentially life-saving assistance. Although many undertake training as part of a workplace requirement, these skills are invaluable in everyday situations and the course welcomes all individuals.

At Frameworks training, we pride ourselves in excellent training courses, catered to your needs in rail and construction.

We have just completed another First Aid Training session. The lucky candidates to pass, have now gone home with a health and safety certificate. To aid them in their future work.

Pictures from today’s workshop

What is the purpose of the course:

To equip candidates with basic skills and knowledge to enable them to deliver basic life support or carry out basic First Aid actions until further qualified medical assistance is available.

Health and safety courses, consist of a full day of training, where you can learn the fundamentals to prepare you for work in the construction and rail sectors.

All training is conducted inside a comfortable warm, fashionable room at our own office. Enjoy a coffee, and food and drinks and free to hand.

These industry leading first aid training courses, based in Manchester are run by professionals, preparing you for training for construction workers and any line of work which appreciates extra safety measures.

What you will learn:

attendees are taught a mixture of both practical and theory. You’ll learn how to examine a casualty, use a defibrillator, familiarize yourself with basic life support and learn how to control bleeding and trauma. These provide the skills to overcome a potentially threatening situation long enough for medically trained individuals to arrive on scene.

  • Easy-to-follow but comprehensive introduction
  • Fire awareness
  • Manual handling
  • DSE
  • CPR
  • Eye Injury
  • Heart Attacks
  • and Much more!

What your qualification will be:

  • Accredited
  • Industry led
  • Ran by passionate and experienced professionals

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